“I cannot say enough good things about your product. It was introduced to me by a friend for my aches and pains due to muscular dystrophy. I’ve also used it for sinus problems, ear aches, burns, headaches, sore throats and just about any ailment you can think of.”
    E.G. – Elkhart, IN

“My 18 year old grandson couldn’t leave for the Navy without a jar of Skinner’s. We can’t live without it.”
    C.C. – Bow, WA

“Your salve is absolutely the best for everything that is sore. From sore muscles to sore throats, it’s the best relief with a wonderful scent.”
    J.P.  – Bowling Green, KY

“Skinner’s is great! We wouldn’t want to be without it.”
    Dr. M.L.Y. – Jonesville, MI

“I spilled a boiling cup of tea over my left leg from hip to knee. The skin immediately turned beet red. I hollered to my husband to bring me the Skinner’s Salve. I spread it liberally over the burn, 2-3 times a day. It never blistered at all and the redness left in a few days. I thank God for this salve.”
    H. Neely – Winter Garden, FL

“I had never found anything that would help restless legs until one night I was desperate and I thought, I’ll try my Skinner’s Salve. Was I ever surprised. After I rubbed my legs with it I went back to bed and slept all night.”
    O. Frost

“Skinner’s is the best thing we have found for relief from sinus, head colds, itchy or dry skin and stuffy noses. We even use it for fire ant bites, and it’s given us relief from pain as well.”
    W.P. Dukerson

“I stand on my feet all day on concrete and they really hurt. Using Skinner’s not only eased the pain so I can sleep, but the next morning they’re not sore or hurting.”
    W.C. – Glendora, CA

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